Bride in the rain, luck on your way

“Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata”: this is a very popular motto in Italy but even if rain on your wedding day would mean good luck almost every bride keeps her finger crossed for sun.

Whether you like it or not, if you planned to get married in this period, rain might be something you would have to deal with.

Umbrella will rule the roost: you can have it in different sizes, shapes and colors and you could have it in your wedding color theme for sure.

And why not to give it as a present for your maid of honor and your best man?

The rain won’t ruin your wedding picture shots but it will be the occasion for nice and polychrome coreographies.

And why not to complete the whole with rainboots?

They are absolutely in fashion nowdays in Italy and will be funny, coloured and absolutely confortable!

You can’t stop the rain so why not to take the chance to add stylish details to your wedding day?

Bride in the rain, Colour on your way!

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Confetti che passione!

For you “Confetti” might sounds like “streamer”.

In Italy, Confetti are sugared almonds. But this is just to simplify.

Confetti are a symbol, a present, a wish, a tradition.

They are traditionally given together with wedding favors, wrapped in tulle or an organza little bag, in the number of 5 as this symbolize: happiness, wealth, longevity, fecundity and health.

The sugar coat for almonds may be in different colors according to the cerimony: white for weddings, blue if a baby-boy or pink if a baby-girl, for baptism, red for university graduation.

In particular, there is a dedicated color for main wedding anniversaries: for example yellow for 10 years,  silver for 25 years of wedding or gold for 50 years of wedding anniversary.

Nowdays, the color of confetti often reflects the wedding theme color and there is also a huge variety of flavours (believe me, it is really impossible to give examples.. just think of your favorite taste and be sure at 99% you can have it!). In addion to almond, chocholate is used to fill confetti and also flavoured white chocolate paste.

Coloured Confetti

In the past, Confetti were thrown at newly weds church exit and this was for wishing good luck.. but my grandmother says “believe me.. it was not so nice!” 😉

Nowdays we definately prefer to eat them and throw white or coloured rice- which is very traditional- sometimes together with various shaped Coriandoli (your paper confetti) and rose petals.

So, are you wishing to try and enjoy italian confetti?

Drop us an email!



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English blog for the italian wedding!

Here we go: we are proud to launch our UndiciEventi English Blog!

We are Laura and Alessandra: creative wedding and event planner based in Milan (Italy) wishing to spread the italian wedding style all over the world 🙂

Are you in Italy? Let’s meet!

Are you wishing to come to get married in Italy? This is lovely! Just send us an email and we will make your dream come true

Are you dreaming to marry your love in your Country but would love the italian touch? Contact us: we can ship whatever you may need to have your italian wedding at your place.

Stay tuned, we have lot of things and ideas to share.


Laura & Alessandra

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